History of the institute

The Kunstaugen-Institut Leipold can look back at almost hundred years of tradition. Our institute is still family-run in the fourth generation today. Take a look here at our previous managing directors and the key points in our history:

On May 1st, 1920, the ocularists Otto Leipold senior and Arno Weschenfelder from Lauscha founded the artificial eye atelier Weschenfelder und Leipold in Essen. They thereby laid the foundation stone for a long success story.

Otto Leipold senior died in 1955. The company was then run by his son, Otto Leipold junior, and Arno Weschenfelder. This long-standing partnership ended in 1963 with the death of Arno Weschenfelder. Otto Leipold junior subsequently took over sole management of the institute.

He in turn transferred management of the artificial eye institute to his son, Jürgen Leipold, on January 1st, 1976. Otto Leipold junior remained active in the institute until 1997.

Holger Leipold, the brother of the owner, started working in the business as a trainee in 1980. He successfully completed his training as an ocularist in 1987 and continues to work in the family business.

Jürgen Leipold died unexpectedly on September 23rd, 2012. Robert Leipold, great-grandson of the company founder and an active member of the family business since 2003, then took over management. He is now running the institute in the fourth generation under the new name “Kunstaugen-Institut Leipold GmbH”.